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Josh Springer - Founder of Northside Web Services

Josh Springer – Founder of Northside Web Services

Northside Web Services works directly with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists to assist in visualizing and maintaining brand and online presence. Through personalized planning and educational workshops, Northside captures the essence of an idea, talent, or business, and gives it life in an online setting with an array of services that include Web Design & DevelopmentLogo Design and BrandingSEO, and Social Media Services.

Northside Web Services is based out of Sunnyside, NY and run by Josh Springer, a web and social media enthusiast and lifelong New Yorker. Josh began his lifelong love of computers at a young age by “futzing around” with his mother’s Commodore 64. This was followed by hour-long sessions of mastering DOS batch commands learned from various books. Post-college, Josh dove into social media in its infancy as a way to promote his work as a musician. After realizing that social media alone was not enough, Josh decided it was time to learn how to build a website. These self-taught skills led to exciting professional opportunities in the fields of non-profit development, communications, and youth development.

Aside from discovering new web technologies, Josh enjoys singing a cappella music, a good beer, and rooting for the Mets (even though they give him mild panic attacks during every game).