The Giants have won the World Series. Champagne begins to flow, and awards are being dished out. Chevy executive Rikk Wilde steps in front of the camera and is nervous from the start of his speech. He starts to tell Madison Bumgarner about the amazing new Chevy Colorado that Chevy is about to give him. The most important detail, however, is the Chevy Colorado’s class-winning… or… leading… um… “technology and stuff“. Bottom line, this was a disaster, and Chevy had to fix it, fast.

Rather than panic, the creative minds at Chevy decided to adopt Mr. Wilde’s rambling slogan of “Technology and Stuff” by jumping all over the newly-created #technologyandstuff hashtag by responding to tweets and slapping it all over their website and social media networks.

If anyone other than Madison Bumgarner deserves a high-five, it’s the creative minds at Chevy. #highfive

I want to hear from you:

My biggest “oh no they didn’t” moment from this year came during the World Cup. After the Netherlands ousted Mexico from the tournament, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) posted this now-deleted tweet, wishing their opponents a fairly insensitive farewell from the tournament. KLM, as expected, deleted the tweet after receiving major heat from all over the twitterverse, and apologized.

What has been the most unfortunate social media ‘bust’ you’ve witnessed? Did the company in question recover? Did they issue an apology? Did they fail to come back from their on-air mistake, tweet, or Facebook post?