You’ve decided on creating a personal Facebook Profile for your business rather than a Facebook Page. Your customers/clients are connected to you via friend request so they can see 100% of your content. Your posts are getting likes, comments, and shares. This is all good news, right? Wrong.

All of the above sounds good, but only if your business generated that kind of engagement with a Facebook Page. You see, personal accounts are denied access to some very important things necessary to extend your reach on the world’s most popular social media platform. Here are a few things you’re missing out on:

· Pages have no limit on the number of total likes

Your personal Facebook page has 5,000 friend limit. Once you’ve hit your limit, people are only able to ‘subscribe’ to your public posts. Any posts that have privacy settings will not be seen by subscribers. Why limit your audience? With a Facebook Page, there’s no limit to the number of customers/clients who can connect with your page and see your content.

· Insights and Analytic Data

Did your recent personal status just get its 20th like? That’s great! Can you see who else might have seen your status due to your friends liking it? Nope! With a Facebook Page, you have access to key insights and analytic data that will show you just how far your content is reaching. How old are your followers? Where do they come from? How many of their friends are seeing your content? All of these questions can be answered with key data only available through a Facebook Page

· Paid? Nope. Free!

If you’ve got the resources to pay for advertising on Facebook, then that’s always an option to increase engagement. However, the Facebook Page option is always a free one. Don’t fall victim to the countless “Facebook Hoaxes” that circulate all the time. You always have the option to pay for advertising, but simply using Facebook is and always has been free. Plus, if you’re posts are bringing in a high level of engagement on their own, then you may never have to pay for advertising at all!

When it comes to using Facebook for your business, Pages are the way to go. On the flipside, if you’ve had more success using a Personal Profile for your business, I’d love to hear about your success!

Josh Springer - Founder of Northside Web Services

Josh Springer is the founder of Northside Web Services, providing small businesses and individuals with professional web-based services that include web design, logo design and branding, SEO, and social media consulting.