The Hashtag (or pound symbol, to some) precedes a keyword on most of today’s popular social media platforms. It links the keyword to a categorized feed, and it’s a great way to increase social engagement on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Vine. So how do you get your message out into the social media landscape with hashtags? Here are 3 easy ways:

· Create and host a live conversation

Thanks to the hashtags, you can host or moderate live conversations with clients/customers/fans by adding #ConversationName to your posts. For example:


By adding #AskRusty to the post, replies are easily sorted by clicking on the hashtag itself. Managing replies and engagement becomes a little easier now that responses include your conversation’s hashtag.

· Promote an event

Adding a hashtag specific to an event is a great way to boost engagement and your marketing campaign.


Whether it’s a tweet, photo, pin, or video, this allows you to market your event to a specific audience and keeps your efforts locked to memorable hashtag rather than multiple keywords you may lose track of.

· Use humor to your advantage

You see it all the time. A celebrity or random ‘internet phenomenon’ does something hilarious or noteworthy. Suddenly, it’s trending all over the Twitterverse and being over-shared on Facebook. Take advantage and create a funny hashtag.


The other option, of course, is taking advantage of funny quotes like this example does. Keep it fun, simple, and spelled correctly. Nobody wants to read about #MomQoutes when they actually want to read about #MomQuotes.

Josh Springer - Founder of Northside Web Services

Josh Springer is the founder of Northside Web Services, providing small businesses and individuals with professional web-based services that include web design, logo design and branding, SEO, and social media consulting.