Keeping up with Twitter trends can be a piece of cake if you’ve got a team to take that responsibility off of your plate. For solopreneurs and small business owners, however, it’s a daunting task that often gets tossed aside for ‘set it and forget it’ marketing. Automation services like Hootsuite can remove the ‘daunting’ aspect, but the risk of looking like a robot comes into play. Businesses can risk losing their voice in front of their potential audience. So what can you do to make social media feel fun and less like a chore? Be engaging!

It sounds harder then it looks, but Twitter actually gives you a little head start with a list of trends, or popular topics that other twitter users are talking about. Trends can be anything from celebrities and news topics, to funny hashtags and serious discussions. If you can find a similarity between your business and a rising trend, the possibilities are endless. Here’s an example:

BKB Tweet

A couple of days ago, #RuinAn80sSong showed up on the trends list. What does 80s music and a Kitchen/Bath renovation company have in common? According to the mastermind behind their Twitter account, quite a bit. While they didn’t change the name of the song to ruin it, the photo certainly puts a creative spin on the meaning of the song. Bonus points are also in order for tagging Plain and Fancy, the company behind this particular in-cabinet Lazy Susan. P&F replied, and as a result provided extra visibility.

Remember that whole thing about using automated services and the risk of sounding like a social media robot? Well, the same applies with trend-watching. Don’t spend all of your efforts trend-hopping. Tossing out a hilarious or serious trend-based message can sometimes offer a jolt of visibility, but your followers are still interested in what you have to say about your business and what you’re selling.

Stay trendy my friends