Operating in Sunnyside for 3 years, I decided it was time to bring Northside into the forefront of the Sunnyside community by joining the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce. I’m proud to say that Northside is now part of the best Chambers in Queens!

Back on June 11th, I was invited to the Chamber’s monthly networking luncheon as a guest speaker. Leading up this speaking engagement, I sat down with the Chamber for an interview about today’s ever-changing social media landscape and how Northside came to be. With an array of services I could talk about, I decided the best topic was the importance of social media when marketing a small business. In a growing social media landscape and with people connected online more than ever before, an effective social media marketing plan is so important. Rather than pitch my services, I felt it was far more effective to share useful tips and recommendations and conduct a short consulting session with business owners and others in attendance.

As a resident of Sunnyside, I was excited to participate as a guest speaker and give back to the community in the form of giving local business owners the information they need to jumpstart their marketing efforts. Social media is still very much in its infancy, despite the large number of platforms out there. It’s very easy for small business owners to feel overwhelmed by the ‘time and effort’ factor of executing a successful social media strategy. My hope is that those in attendance left feeling more confident in their abilities to successfully represent their businesses or personal identities in today’s social media world.

To read more about my speaking engagement at the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce’s June 2013 Luncheon, click here.

Josh Springer - Founder of Northside Web Services

Josh Springer is the founder of Northside Web Services, providing small businesses and individuals with professional web-based services that include web design, logo design and branding, SEO, and social media consulting.