Last night, the super bowl happened. The social landscape was buzzing solely about rushes, passes, interceptions, results, and everything football!… #saidnobodyever

As usual, the focus was on advertising. While brands unleashed their fury on national television, they ramped it up even harder on social networks like Twitter. From Squarespace and MachineZone to McDonalds and Skittles, there was no escaping promoted tweets and accounts during the Brand Bowl. If there’s anything your business can take away from last night’s advertising storm, here it is: Pay attention.

Remember last night’s Mercedes-Benz commercial featuring a remake of the classic tortoise vs hare race? Well, that tortoise was your small business that doesn’t quite have the ‘pull’ as the bigger brands. See, he was slow out of the gate, but it allowed him to take in the scenery and be aware of his surroundings. That factory he found? That was the one trend, tweet, pin, post, or email that reached the right people. It turned went from referral, to proposal, to consultation, to sale. You see, “full steam ahead” can come with a price (and a very steep one!), and you don’t have to shell out so much if you pay attention to your surroundings.

Here’s an exercise: Are you aware that today is Groundhog Day? Great! So why are you still reading this instead of announcing your business’s predictions to the social landscape? Surely there must be a way to connect Winter/Spring predictions with something your business offers. Hurry, though, because it won’t be trending forever (unless you’re Bill Murray).

Now go forth, and pay attention!